Knight and Day.

So I watched this because I just dissed it a couple of posts ago, and I felt like I didn’t remember it enough to make an accurate assessment…

But I was right. It wasn’t spectacularly awful (I mean come on, I just watched Aloha… ugh) but… I wouldn’t count it among the good ones in the many, many films Tom Cruise has made in the past 12 years (such as Collateral, Tropic Thunder, Edge of Tomorrow, Jack Reacher, the Mission Impossibles… I feel like I’m repeating myself haha).

Anyway. Cameron Diaz is playing the usual Cameron Diaz role – a little ditzy but hella kick ass when she has to be – and TC is playing the usual TC role – army trained, majorly kick ass, good heart… The story is formulaic maybe only because I read too many crime thrillers, but the jokes are funny, and the action is pretty fun too.

So… not awful, but not amazing either. Maybe a good movie to put on in the background while I continue to practice my letters… Haha.


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