The best thing about this menu is the little box on the left hand side that says “chef picks” – where you pay $480 (HK dollars of course), and the chef feeds you whatever he wants to feed you. It’s fantastic because a. I don’t need to think about anything, and b. it’s an awesome deal.

We were served an amuse-bouche type thing (prawn tempura, beetroot mashed potatoes, roasted avocado), and then a cerviche, and then a salad, and then a sushi plate (tuna roll & avocado roll), then a watermelon and tuna tartare, and then a kimchi roasted chicken (served with veggie rice) (so good!!!), and then dessert (which was a fantastic cheesecake with fruit compote and milk ice cream). I was so full at the end of it, I had to walk around Central before getting on my bus to go home.

We snuck looks at the table next to ours, who had also ordered this chef picks thing, and they had different food. They had a skewer thing that looked really juicy and yummy, and they had a fried rice thing that looked great too. And their dessert was a chocolatey one, which looked amazeballs. I’m very curious to know whether the chefs at Tokyolima will do what they do at n/naka (yes I do realise that Tokyolima might be a world away from n/naka which has been voted one of the best restaurants in the world and which seats much fewer people but still hahaha), where they do their best to not serve a customer the same dish twice. The chef at n/naka makes extensive notes for each meal served for the guest so they can reference and come up with different things. So yeah, I wonder… haha.

Table service was great, seems like the staff enjoy what they do which is always a good sign. Good explanations of the food that was served. No service charge on the bill, so we left 15%, because our server did a great job. Yeah. All in all, a great experience, and look forward to going back :D


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