Jack Reacher.

Ever since Collateral, I’ve really enjoyed Tom Cruise films (except for maybe Knight and Day which to be honest, I don’t even really remember) – all the Mission Impossibles, Edge of Tomorrow (which warrants its own post after a re-watch)… And this particular film, about former army police Jack Reacher, is one of the most fun.

On the one hand, I could be biased because I love crime thrillers, and this is based on a Lee Child book – Lee Child being one of the world’s best crime thriller writers. But on the other, who gives a shit because a good, entertaining, fun film is just a good, entertaining, fun film :)

It delivers on the action, the story is great, the cast are stellar, and the pacing is fantastic. And you know it’s a plus when the writer and director, Christopher McQuarrie, then goes on to direct two Mission Impossible films (including the one currently being filmed) (and he wrote Edge of Tomorrow as well). That’s high Tom Cruise praise if you ask me.

So much fun. I love action films :D


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