Tales by Light – season one.

Hm. Tales by Light is a documentary series about photographers and how and why they capture what they capture, their inspirations, and the lengths they will go to in order to get that great shot.

From a series point of view, perhaps it would be interesting to non- or amateur photographers, and I’m not professional, but in a way, it wasn’t as appealing as I wanted it to be perhaps because I work with photographers so much.

On the other hand though, from an I-want-to-create-a-show point of view, this series was very interesting because of the format. 24 minutes, six episodes, and a repeat photographer within the first six. At the very beginning, when I was looking at the background of the series, the fact that the episode names were not names of photographers struck me as slightly odd. I would have thought, if you’re capturing a photographer’s journey, you might as well name the episode after them, like Chef’s Table. But then as I watched the last episode (I watched all six in one sitting), and a photographer I’d seen in a previous ep came on, I was like, ohhhh, that’s why….. 

I think season two just came out. I wonder if there are any changes… and what the stories are going to be like in this one. To be continued, I guess :)

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