Minimalism: A Documentary about the Important Things.

As I sit in the living room watching this film, I’m surrounded by all my stuff that has been in boxes for a year. And I find it quite pathetic and incredibly ironic, and while I’m watching these two guys talk about stuff (physical, material stuff), my mind is wandering and I’m like… I need to get rid of all this… stuff.

On the other hand, I do think these thoughts often. I just don’t act upon them. And then in a couple of days (or hours), I’ll have managed to compartmentalise and put it away in some room in my brain and not feel guilty about all the effing stuff.

It’s interesting, their philosophy that less stuff = less stress = happier life. It’s probably true. It’s also true that a lot of people buy things to fill a certain void, but that that void can never actually be filled with material goods. I suppose I learnt that young, because I was brought up Christian (God fills the void, nothing else) and so I’ve pretty much known it all my life. Doesn’t stop me from being a hoarder though. It’s not the fact that I want more, it’s just that when I have to get rid of things, it’s not a nice feeling. I suppose it’s partly why, as a child, I never used to like to share – it’s mine, don’t touch it.

But also the thought that less stuff = less distractions = more time to spend on relationships, with people, that’s a good one. Community has often been left behind in the chase for success, but more often than not, community is the thing that provides contentment and peace over the new fashion trend or gadget or whatever it is.

It’s currently 5:30am. I’m very curious to know after I shower and sleep and wake up, whether I’ll actually make any real change to my life now…

To be continued, then… I guess…


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