I don’t remember when I watched the first Transformers film. I don’t even remember which cinema I was in, but I do remember I was sitting on the right side of the cinema… I don’t know why I remember that.

So because it’s on Netflix, I decided I should revisit this old franchise, and it really was a pretty fun film. First of all, I didn’t even remember that Josh Duhamel was it in, so when his face showed up two minutes in, I was like… what?! And then Shia Laboeuf’s character was actually pretty fun – and cheeky, which is always great. And when the shiny silver blue and red lorry head showed up, I yelled out loud (thank God I live alone), “Yay! Optimus Prime!”

So yeah. I enjoyed it. Now I’m going to watch the next one, and the next one, and see where it all fell flat…. Hahaha.



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