Better Back Therapy.

I love Kickstarter. It’s introduced me to so many awesome things – such as Peak Design (I recently did a survey from them and realised I have way too many PD things hahaha), the goat mug (which was a present, actually), my grown up watch (which I don’t wear often enough but still, I now have a grown up watch haha), and today I received my Better Back Therapy pack :D

I don’t remember how I came across Better Back, I just immediately wanted to know more because I have such a bad back (and have had such a bad back for so many years). The concept is simple enough – it supports your lower back and holds you such that you sit up straight and stop hunching over – so it’s pretty awesome. It’s a bit bigger than I thought it would be, but hey, it’s made for Americans I suppose (only in America do I wear a size S…)

In any case, really looking forward to testing it out. It’s harder at home since I sit on a bar stool most of the day and it works best when one’s feet are placed flat on the floor, but in all likelihood I’ll be sitting at a desk all day tomorrow so maybe it will be best tested out then! Yay!


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