Elementary – season one.

I’ve always had a thing for Jonny Lee Miller. Well, I say always. I meant like… since Eli Stone. I loved Eli Stone – I mean, a lawyer who gets visions of George Michael…!! What a premise! It was crazy upsetting when it got cancelled. Sigh. But anyway.

Elementary came out back when there was a huge Sherlock Holmes fad. There were the Robert Downey Jr movies, there was the Benedict Cumberbatch series, so Elementary kind of fell by the wayside as yet another Holmes show. Plus Lucy Liu was in it, and much as I am all for girl power, and happy as I am to see a Chinese lead, but I haven’t liked anything else she’s been in… Except Ally McBeal when she played Ling. Ling was awesome. But I digress. Then one day, I was on a short flight (probably from HK to Shanghai) and there wasn’t enough time to watch a movie, and it was on the system, so I watched it. And it was so interesting!!

And now that it’s on Netflix, I’m re-watching the entire series. And it’s awesome how different it is to other Sherlocks. I mean, it’s just another US detective show, which is great. BBC’s Sherlock is so dark (but so awesome) and RDJ’s Sherlock is so gimmicky (but still funny), and this one is like… another version of Castle, almost. Really enjoying re-watching the first season. Yup.


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