Lettering: small letters!

On the letter l today. Well. Actually. I did h i j k & I’m now on l. Yesterday I did c d e f g. It’s the pens, I blame the pens. I finally got the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tips… and boy oh boy, they are incredible to write with! (But yes, because I had to get them shipped over all the way from the US of A… the price… of shipping…  *stabs self in the heart*)

Anyway. I’m kinda glad that I did the drills on the softer tips (Tombow Fudenosuke dual tips, and the Pentel Touch sign pens) because it really made a difference. Although the very weird thing with the current lettering situation is that I seem to be doing okay with the ones that are supposedly average/difficult but not doing so well with the ones that are supposedly easy (letters i & l) *eyes roll* But well. I’m just going to whiz through the whole alphabet (and the alternatives when there are alternatives), and then go back to the ones that were yucky. And maybe I’ll have made some progress. Maybe.

Okay. Back to the lettering :D


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