Rio Ferdinand: Being Mum and Dad

Dude. Seriously. Sometimes, I’m so glad I live alone – like when I watch documentaries at 3am and totally tear up.

Being Mum and Dad is a super raw, honest film that just captures your heart. Grief is universal – we all go through it at some stage, for someone we know, someone who we were close to… after all, the only certainty in life is death. I hadn’t known that Rio Ferdinand’s wife had died – ten weeks after being diagnosed with cancer, no less – until this film was broadcast and people started talking about it. It’s tough enough to be a parent at the best of times (because there’s never a “right way” per se – every child is different and every child reacts differently even to the same parenting style), but when one parent has passed away and the other has to suddenly take on both roles, and to have to deal with his own grief and trauma of losing his best friend / soulmate / love of his life, whilst also worrying about how the children are coping with it… I just can’t imagine.

This film is incredibly moving, as it follows Rio through his days as he tries to get a grasp on becoming a widower and single parent, and how to navigate life and make sure his kids are all right… After watching this, I now have so much (more) respect for the man. Wishing him all the very best… and sending him good thoughts from far away Hong Kong.


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