Watched on a CX flight to HKG. April 2017.

I freaking love the documentaries on CX. Anyway. Dancer is a documentary about the amazing, incredible, beautiful Sergei Polunin. I only learnt of Polunin when his “Take Me to Church” video went majorly viral about two years ago. The boy can fly. It’s phenomenal. But anyway, Dancer is about his life, how his family supported him from a very young age, but how that broke the family apart, and the effect it had on him as a teenager.

As an outsider, watching this story unfold, seeing the fluidity and grace and motion and just plain genius of the guy, but also watching him self-destruct, in a way, because the dancing alone just cannot fill the void.

Seriously, I wish I could have seen him live at the Royal Ballet – he was the youngest ever male to make principal (at age 19). The excerpts in the film are jaw-droppingly awesome. But well, I suppose those doors have closed… I really hope he finds his peace and his balance someday. He’s just incredible.


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