The History of the Pit Stop: Gone in Two Seconds

Watched on a CX flight to Singapore. March 2017.

I love racing. I love the thrill, love the chase, love the tactics. But I didn’t know how recent it was that tactics came into play, that it was only in the early 80s that pit stops became the urgent, adrenalin-filled channel it is today.

Produced for Redbull TV (and therefore narrated by David Coulthard, and featuring a number of Redbull cars, mechanics, and drivers), this film shares the incredible history of the pitstop – from when it was an emergency-only stop (back when any car that had to make a pit stop had absolutely no chance of getting a podium spot), when it was just on the side of the road, and the racing cars just pulled in and mechanics jumped out to fix whatever that was wrong, to when refuelling was banned (because it was way too dangerous to have barrels of fuel right by these mega hot engines), to when refuelling was allowed again, to being banned again…

The film made me ooh and aah several times (much to the chagrin I’m sure, of the poor guy sitting next to me), and also made me gasp in horror (like when a car went up in flames while the driver was still sitting in it). A stunning story – even if it’s understandably Redbull skewed – about one of my favourite sports. LOVED IT <3


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