Apex: The Story of the Hyper Car.

I’m very curious to know what it is about humans and speed. What is it about the rush of wind that makes us love it so much?

Apex brings us the story of the hypercar – from Porsche to McLaren to the granddaddy of them all Ferrari to Bugatti and Pagani and Koenigsegg, all vying to create the best of the best, which means of course, a price tag upwards of a million USD.

It’s so interesting to see the various philosophies which are embedded within each company – from the importance of the best and most current technology in Koenigsegg to artistry and elegance in the Italian carmakers, especially Pagani. To watch the underdogs – the smaller, less well-known companies – compete against the top dogs. And then interweave that with the designers of racing games, where much work is put in to simulate the driving of these hypercars for the masses who will never get the chance to actually drive the real thing.

Very interesting indeed.

And in other news, Sebastian Vettel won the first F1 race of the season…. I guess Ferrari are finally back this year…


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