Dior and I.

Watched on a CX flight a few years ago, probably when I was going to or returning from Singapore…

So, after the whole Galliano fiasco, I vaguely knew that Raf Simons was hired from Jil Sander. I didn’t think anything of it, I mean, I’m not particularly interested in fashion anyway. But I saw Dior & I on the flight, and so I watched it. And OMG. It was so bloody good.

The film totally captured the slight tension and awkwardness that comes with having a new guy come into a very, very well established house. I’m so glad that Dior was supportive of the project and let the film crew in. It was so refreshing to watch a film that isn’t just a fluff piece about a huge fashion brand.

Watching the various seamstresses and tailors work was so interesting – I don’t know how these incredibly structured dresses (think Jennifer Lawrence at the Oscars the year she won) are made, and to see key talents highlighted within the house as being the best of the best was just awesome. Love it when great people are appreciated – it should happen more than it does.

And finally, the push and pull to get that first collection and runway show perfect was so well shot and edited, that the end of it was so emotional, even for someone like me who is not interested in fashion at all. I love this film. It opened my eyes to what a great documentary can do. I can’t wait to watch what Frederic Tcheng (the director) does next… and also, now that Raf Simons has gone to Calvin Klein – his time at Dior was so obviously his – I’m super interested to see what both Dior does, and what Calvin Klein will start to look like too!


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