Buffy the Vampire Slayer

So… it’s 2017, which means 20 years since the first Buffy episode. There have been celebrations and articles and posts and just generally a lot of virtual group hugs and remembering quips and fights and villains and Spike.

My favourite Buffy character is Willow. I am still angry with Joss Whedon about the death of Tara. I say angry. Joss Whedon is still my hero. But the show was never the same for me again.

Funnily enough, I read this article on Vanity Fair tonight, about Season Six (which is when Tara died). Funnily enough, it seems this season is the still relevant in today’s world. I say funnily. I mean… sadly, actually. Or pathetically. Sigh.

I also loved Oz. Willow had the best partners. I suppose it’s because she herself is so awesome. Yeah.

Anyway. I did a “Which Buffy character are you” quiz today. Hilariously, I got Giles…. Hahahaha.



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