Gainsbourg Symphonic with Jane Birkin.

I haven’t watched the Hong Kong Philharmonic in a very long time (not deliberately, I just haven’t had the chance to) – in fact, I haven’t seen HKPhil since Samuel Wong left, and Samuel Wong’s been gone for at least a decade. But anyway, tonight I was so moved.

Of course the focal point was the incredible Jane Birkin – if you recognise her last name, it might be because Hermes named a line of bags after her. Watching her tonight, I couldn’t help but think how wonderful it would have been to have seen her perform with Serge Gainsbourg, but well, tonight was still fantastic.

I’m quite in awe of the conductor, Didier Benetti, who I’d never heard of until this concert, and who made the orchestra sing. And I particularly love that Ms Birkin elevated our local orchestra just by changing their name to French – l’orchestre philharmonique de Hong Kong. Bwahaha.

Fabulous way to end the week. Thanks to CL for the ticket, and thanks to Hong Kong Arts Festival for bringing wonderful talent to our little city every year.


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