Marvel’s Daredevil – Season One.

First of all, I’m biased because I love Charlie Cox. I have always loved him, ever since I first saw him in Stardust. I was also biased with Stardust, because I loved the book so very much. But anyway. I love Charlie Cox, and have done so for many years now. (Having said that though, I have never seen Boardwalk Empire. I had no interest in watching it, until I found that out that Charlie Cox was in it. But yeah, still haven’t seen that show.)

Secondly, I am extremely happy to say that I never saw the Ben Affleck version of Daredevil. It came out during an inopportune time for me – I was working six jobs back then, and going to university – so I just never got round to it. Which is great, because I had no idea what the story was about, no clue as to mythology or back story, and so I could just watch it for what it is. And what it is, is amazeballs.

I love the fact that it’s dark. It’s fantastically dark. It’s not some happy clappy Marvel film kind of thing. The nitty gritty is awesome. And then the action is damn fun. Not to mention Charlie Cox’s flawless American accent, and incredibly portrayal of a blind man. The casting is spot on… with the exception of Karen Page – but then I can’t decide whether I don’t like her because of her character, or because of who plays her. I just… don’t like her. But anyway, back to what makes the show great (and yes, this is me being biased again), the creator and showrunners are Whedon boys. Drew Goddard, Steven S. DeKnight, Doug Petrie, I first saw all those names in Buffy font. But boy these guys have made an awesome show. (Well, Petrie in season two, so I’m getting ahead of myself.)

So yes. I binge watched this when it came out back in 2015. It’s two years later now, and I just re-watched it, and man. I still love it. Netflix ftw.


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