The Accountant

Backpost: movie watched on 22 November, 2016. The Grand Cinema, HK.

Thank goodness my youngest brother was in town and he also wanted to watch this, or else I might have just let this one slip by unnoticed. It was so damn good. And so much funnier than I expected – and I’m so glad I watched it with my brother, who has the same dark sense of humour I do, because no one else in the bloody cinema laughed.

Ben Affleck does kinda look plasticky – but it works with his character, I suppose, who doesn’t express emotion except through violence. Anna Kendrick was great, except… there was one rather odd scene with both Affleck and Kendrick in a posh hotel room. Nothing actually happens, but there is the sense that it might have, and therein lies the problem. The girl is WAY TOO YOUNG for him. Oh well. It’s Hollywood.

The pacing of the film was fantastic, the story was great, I loved how it came around full circle. As soon as I got out of the cinema, I googled it to check if the story had been adapted, but no, completely original. I wish it had been nominated for best original screenplay, I really think it deserved the nod. There were a couple of shots that took my breath away, and then found out that it was DPed by Seamus McGarvey, who had done Atonement, which I still think is one of the most beautiful films I’ve seen in recent years.

Anyway. I loved it. One of my top ten for 2016.


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