Tom Jones

It was with great sadness that Tom Jones cancelled his tour to HK last year when his wife passed away, so it was with great excitement when he announced he was heading back to HK. Except… his show date was on the same day as Guns n Roses in Singapore, as well as both the Dragonland Festival and 李榮浩 in HK. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to fly down to Singapore, and I am not a Black Eyed Peas / Iggy Azalea / Leon Lai / Carly Rae Jepsen / 李榮浩 fan… And so when I was gifted a ticket to Tom Jones, I was pretty chuffed.

It was an incredible short show (not quite 90 minutes), but every minute of it packed with old and new hits. Tom brought a great band (fantastic bassist, and everyone multi-talented) though unfortunately the guitar amps were way too loud and so a lot of the music – keys for sure, sometimes even Tom’s vocals – got drowned out by the red hot guitar playing, it was still an awesome night of music.

And for the first time in all my years of watching gigs, I witnessed two ladies throw panties up on stage. BWAHAHAHAHHAHA. I was practically crying with laughter :D

Damn fun night, yup!


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