Backpost: movie watched on 24th January, 2014. Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore.

1. I did not expect to laugh so much!!!
2. I did not know that it was shot in Shanghai, and that my ah jie worked on it.

The funny thing about the film is that we bought tickets for the wrong date, and so our seats were already “taken” when we went in. We realised our mistake, and sat in the front row, which was okay – by okay, I mean we managed to watch the entire film without feeling sick or dizzy!!

Joaquin Phoenix is a legend. And Scarlett Johansson has the sexiest freaking voice ever. And Amy Adams looks so normal when she’s not glammed up!!!

Loved the film until the ending – the ending didn’t sit well with me – but the rest of the film was so enjoyable, I can actually block the ending out. It’s funny, I look at this film, and think about You’ve Got Mail, and how that was a statement about the mid-late-90s, and it’s so very out-of-date now!! I wonder when this film will become a statement of the past, and what that future will look like.

Fantastic computer graphics – especially that computer game that Joaquin Phoenix plays – I am amazed by his acting, how he can pretend to be playing this game when it was just a blank wall, I’m sure, when they filmed it.

So many wonderful things about this film. Highly recommended. Spike Jonze, you rule.


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