Because it was Pi Day (an American event, as we Brits put date first, month second, but them Americans put month first date second so it was 3.14…) my friend and I decided we had to have pie for dinner and so I ventured out into the big unknown despite being quite ill. And because it’s difficult to find good pie in Hong Kong, we went to an old favourite of mine in the hope that they would have pies today. They only had shepherd’s pie today, but their food is always good, and their shepherd’s pie was pretty damn amazing.

And whilst eating pie, I learnt that (thanks to my friend who has all sorts of encyclopaedic knowledge about pie) shepherd’s pie is made from lamb and not beef, because shepherds mind sheep and not cattle. It made so much freaking sense hahahaha I don’t know why I hadn’t realised that. I also learnt that cottage pie is shepherd’s pie with beef (and maybe peas – according to someone, she doesn’t know who, it has peas). And that cumberland pie is shepherd’s pie with a breadcrumb topping. So interesting.

Can’t wait until she opens the pie shop. Heh.


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