Silver Linings Playbook

So as I was watching the movie (on the plane, in Premium Economy, thank you very much), it occurred to me that I knew exactly where the story was headed, even the names of the characters seemed oddly familiar, and I kept thinking I’ve already seen this film… except I haven’t. And then it finally occurred to me… that I read the book. Hahaha. I’m such a dweeb. Seriously.

And if I recall correctly, I didn’t much like the book. I finished it, but I remember thinking there were too many football references (that I didn’t get) (I don’t get football culture – that is, American football culture – at all), and also possibly the not-liking-so-much stemmed from me having just moved into my own place having lived with my ex for two years hahaha. Break ups schmake ups.

Can’t remember who lent me the book though. Char, maybe? Must ask her, one of these days…


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