A Good Day To Die Hard

Was really not that great.

The opening action sequence made me cringe to think of all that wasted scrap metal. How much did the damn film cost to make?!! How many cars were destroyed in it?! Seriously! More than the number of people killed by QT in his films… And even then, it’s only fake blood that goes to waste.

I don’t know if I’m being judgmental because I work on action films. I don’t know if I’m being judgmental because the last big film I worked on, I was so disillusioned I almost quit the industry (too much wastage, and working in a country where there are so many people, everyone is replaceable within the snap of fingers, and so they can be treated like shit, and paid meagre wages, and fed disgusting food – 6+ years on, I still have issues), I don’t know. My sis on the other hand, liked it. She said as long as you accept that John McClane is actually a superhero in human costume, then it’s a great ride! I’m not sure I agree, but okay.

John McClane always was a superhero – the superhero next door, if there is such a term – and I heart him very much, but this was definitely by far my least favourite Die Hard film. Sigh.

Alias Grace

By Margaret Atwood.

There was a time when I actively sought after Margaret Atwood books. I think I read most of her books in a year, back in the late 90s. And so when Alias Grace came out in 2000, I was over it, over her. And so I didn’t read it. And I haven’t read an Atwood book since, actually. (Even though I have The Year of the Flood, in hardback no less, but I haven’t touched it.)

But I’ve always loved her books, loved the way she tells her stories, loved her stories. I don’t remember them impacting my life (unlike Jeanette Winterson, who seriously impacted my life) but I remember loving the stories enough to go look for the next one.

Anyway. I started reading Alias Grace because my brother is studying it for school. And he keeps asking me questions about the book, so I decided I’d better read it. Instead of finding answers for him on google. Haha. And as soon as I started, I remembered why I loved Margaret Atwood. Her writing is so intimate. It’s like… It’s like I know the character. As if she’s my friend. It’s so bizarre. I love it.

And so I feel like I know Grace Marks. Her voice is so rich and real and… intimate. Hmm. I like very much.

All-Star Weekend

I’m remembering this time last year, Jeremy Lin was on his Linsane streak. I’m remembering All-Star Weekend last year, when he had his own press conference, which is madness hahaha. Anyway. This afternoon, I was rewatching the Mavs@Knicks game last year, the one where JR Smith played even though he’d only arrived back in New York the night before, and the one where Novak made practically all his shots, including several huge 3-pointers in the 4th quarter, and the one where JLin shot over 7-foot-tall Dirk Nowitzki twice. Bwahahaha. It was a good match. Linsanity indeed.

The Walking Dead

So I watched the premiere of season 3, it’s the only episode of The Walking Dead I’ve ever seen… And the thing that stuck out most is the following conversation that took place between my friend and I:

— Who’s the guy in the checked shirt?
— Andrew Lincoln.
— Oh. He looks really familiar.
— Yeah, he’s been in a couple of movies and things.
(Short pause)
— Actually, I know where you know him from.
— Where?
— He was the dick holding the big cards outside the house in Love, Actually.
— Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
— Yeah you see. I know you.

I watch too many rom-coms. And people know it. Dammit. Hahaha.

Pulp Fiction

I remember watching Pulp Fiction as a teenager, and not really getting it. I loved the violence and the hilarity, except back in the day, I wasn’t quite sure if I was supposed to laugh.

I’ve seen it again and again over the past few years, and it still blows my mind how different it is to all these other films that I watch. It’s intended for an intelligent audience. The non-linear timeline, the throwbacks to old films, all of it. I love it so much.

Anyway. There is an amazing article about the film in this issue of Vanity Fair, which everyone – QT lovers and haters alike – should read. Yup.

I heart Quentin Tarantino.