I shied away from watching this film for ages because I love tennis and I thought that I would absolutely hate watching two people (or more than two people) pretend to play tennis at top level. And indeed, many of the shots drove me crazy hahaha. But hey, I will watching (almost) anything, and I very rarely say no if someone else wants to watch a certain film. (I will say no to horror. Because I get horrified. Scared. Can’t walk up the dark stairs to my apartment without getting that horrible tingly scary feeling *shudders*)

Anyway. I haven’t seen Kirsten Dunst in anything since Spidey, and that was years ago. So it was nice to see her again. And I really like Paul Bettany (mainly because of his hilarious performance in A Knight’s Tale)… so it wasn’t too bad. Plus James McAvoy provided a few funny moments as a complete dick of a brother. Heh.

But on the other hand, it’s the same old shit. Rom-coms. Sigh. Hahaha.


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