A Good Day To Die Hard

Was really not that great.

The opening action sequence made me cringe to think of all that wasted scrap metal. How much did the damn film cost to make?!! How many cars were destroyed in it?! Seriously! More than the number of people killed by QT in his films… And even then, it’s only fake blood that goes to waste.

I don’t know if I’m being judgmental because I work on action films. I don’t know if I’m being judgmental because the last big film I worked on, I was so disillusioned I almost quit the industry (too much wastage, and working in a country where there are so many people, everyone is replaceable within the snap of fingers, and so they can be treated like shit, and paid meagre wages, and fed disgusting food – 6+ years on, I still have issues), I don’t know. My sis on the other hand, liked it. She said as long as you accept that John McClane is actually a superhero in human costume, then it’s a great ride! I’m not sure I agree, but okay.

John McClane always was a superhero – the superhero next door, if there is such a term – and I heart him very much, but this was definitely by far my least favourite Die Hard film. Sigh.


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