Alien: Resurrection

I’m loving the fact that I’ve finally watched every movie in the original franchise. I don’t know if I will ever watch AVP/AVPR, but at least I’ve seen all the originals now. Haha.

The interesting thing was that watching the film on HD really showed how crap all the effects were. Hahaha. Oh well.

I read that Joss Whedon hates what they did with the script – that he hadn’t written it like that – but I suppose no one will ever know what it was supposed to be like.

So for me, the original was great, the sequel was better, and the last two were not so amazing. I suppose in drawing this conclusion, I am declaring my mainstreamness, that I prefer the crowd-pleasing James Cameron version to the perhaps, more layered, Ridley Scott version. On the other hand, no Ridley Scott, no Alien franchise, so yeah… Haha.


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