Alien 3

It’s interesting to think that David Fincher’s debut film was Alien 3. It’s no wonder that he retreated back into the world of commercials and music videos afterwards. I read that the studio didn’t have enough faith in his work, which isn’t exactly surprising I suppose – it being his debut and the franchise being well-loved and so famous, and that there’s no one in the world who hates the film as much as he does. I’d like to say, however, my first introduction to David Fincher was Se7en, which I still love to this day.

In any case, the story was terrible. I mean, my friend kept commenting, incredulously, throughout the film, Why did he do that?!! And it’s funny because usually you hear comments like that when you’re watching some crappy TVB drama. And the answer is simple – because it’s a movie, and you have to keep it going for 90 minutes or however long *sigh*

I hadn’t realised, however, that this was the only Alien that Sigourney Weaver had a shaved head. But now I know. And I’m glad I watched it, because I think everyone has to have watched the entire series at least once, but well, I think I’m only ever going to watch this one once. Hahaha.


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