Dinner party!

A long time ago – a few years ago – I had friends in HK who would host dinner parties, and invite a few friends over (max 6) and we’d all have great food and great conversations and they were some of the best times I’ve ever had in HK. Sadly, those days are gone. Said friends have moved to New York, and have tried to get me to go too. It’s not happening haha.

Anyway. Tonight I had a great dinner, with five people who I’d never met before. In actual fact, I crashed the party – it was a dinner for six, but I made it seven. But I’m so grateful that everyone there was so welcoming and the most amazing thing, was that I clicked with them. These people I’d never met before. There was banter and then there were real conversations, too. It’s so rare, I don’t think I’ve been in a setting like that in ages. And it made me miss my friends in New York so very much.

Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be seeing these people again. Not in the near future anyway. But it was good to meet them, to know that I don’t always suck in social settings… Sigh. It was a fabulous dinner indeed.


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