RIP Cabal

I’m so sad that Cabal died. It’s weird, because I’ve never met Cabal. I know him only through someone else’s blog, and I don’t even really know that someone else either.

Cabal is Neil Gaiman’s dog. Neil rescued Cabal back in 2007, and they’ve been best friends ever since. Cabal was simply called Dog before he was given such a royal name, and I’ve loved reading about his adventures and seeing pictures of him…

Cabal passed away, suddenly, on 12th January. I found out today… just now, actually. Neil’s post about Cabal made me tear up, and I can just imagine how much harder it is for him.

I suppose in a way we should be happy though, because I’m sure Cabal is happily running through the woods chasing rabbits now, his back legs fully functioning no problem. But I wish I could give huge hugs to those who he left behind.


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