The Grandmasters

was fabulous. I’m thinking there should be some sort of extended version though because it seems that many things – storylines, fight scenes, etc – got cut out. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although there was a freaking annoying woman two seats down who was eating crisps or something, and it was the single most annoying thing ever. Crinkling plastic in a silent movie theatre. What. The. Heck. On the other hand, I’m just glad I wasn’t sitting next to her.

But strange score though. WKW usually his the nail on the head with the music for his films, and I didn’t feel this one was up to par. But hey. I kind of liked the western opera in a Chinese setting, even though most of my friends hated it and thought it was totally out of place. I thought it just added to the aesthetics. Oh well. Still, the interesting clash between north and south China and beautiful sets and people and shots and everything make this the best local film I’ve seen in a while… and no, I didn’t watch Cold War.


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