Premium Rush

I heart JGL. And I thought the movie was great… until the end *sigh* I really hate the (SPOILER ALERT!!!!!) stereotypical Chinese immigrant on boat blah blah snakehead blah blah ending. I mean, it’s the reason behind the whole entire film and it was just pathetic. I don’t know if it’s because I’m Chinese, or if it’s because the whole reason is entirely overused (think the 1st Transporter movie, and many others). Rah. And that “Chinese” woman had such a fake Chinese accent. And she didn’t look at all like she had a kid *eyes roll* ANYWAYYYY. Until that part of the film though, I really liked it. I thought the stunts were great and the cycling parts were great and JGL was great. But then, he’s always great. Heh. Okay. That’s it. Thank you very much.


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