The Phantom of the Opera

At the Royal Albert Hall. 25th Anniversary. 25 years of amazing music.

I’ve listened to the cast recording over and over and over. My dad had (has!) both the vinyls and the CDs, and it was always on. I can still sing most of those songs, and the melodies still run through my head every so often.

Watching it on TV is not like watching it live, and Ramin Karimloo is no Michael Crawford (although he absolutely holds his own, and without a mask, he’s damn cute!!!) nor is Sierra Boggess anywhere as good as Sarah Brightman (which is an unfair comparison since the role was written for Sarah Brightman, and anyway, Sierra Boggess is better than most of the other Christines I’ve seen/heard)… but it still made me cry. I love it so much.

In retrospect, I think I learnt compassion from this story. It makes me sad just to think of those lines that the Phantom sings – This face which earned / A mother’s fear and loathing / A mask, my first / Unfeeling scrap of clothing

Here’s the very end of the show at the Royal Albert Hall – I’m sorry to say that Peter Joback is a very poor Phantom compared to the greats, Colm Wilkinson & John Owen Jones, and to Anthony Warlow *sigh* and seriously, after 25 years, although her voice may not be as steady, and although her lungs may not be as strong, but Sarah Brightman is the ultimate Christine.


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