The edible crustacean

I suppose the person who discovered that crabs are edible was probably a very hungry fisherman who couldn’t get any fish. Or maybe a family who lived by the sea where the mum didn’t have anything to feed her kids, so she decided to pop open one of those scampering creatures with the very hard shell… And I am grateful to that person, be it the fisherman or the mum with the hungry kids or whoever, for having discovered this delicious animal!!

In HK, we mostly just have “flower crabs”… in the autumn, we get “hairy crabs”, which are a delicacy from the Shanghai/Zhejiang region. Of course, if you can afford it, there are also Alaskan King Crabs as well as Japanese crabs (at Kanizen, which I still haven’t been able to convince anyone to take me there – way too expensive and thus embarrassing for me to ask haha).

But I’m in Singapore. And Singapore is famous for their chilli crab and their pepper crab, both with enormous Sri Lankan crabs. My friends, because they don’t particularly eat spicy, like the very normal, understated steamed crab, and to me, this is by far the best dish, because the crab is the highlight… and not the sauce. Sri Lankan crabs are juicy, tender and sweet. They have so much meat (the pincers are like the drumsticks on a medium-sized chicken!!), and it’s practically melt in your mouth. Every bite makes your mouth sing with pleasure. And no, I am not exaggerating. Not one bit.

So I will gladly admit that part of the reason I extended my trip was that I realised I would not be able to eat crab unless I did (it has to be a weekend thing for my friends as they work hectic office jobs)… and boy, am I glad I did. Best meal of the trip, hands down, and yet another reminder of just why I heart Singapore so very much!




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