The Good Wife

After ER, I couldn’t stand Julianna Margulies. She was soooo annoying in it. I suppose though, that is the sign of being a great actress. However, it absolutely was part of my decision to not watch The Good Wife. Also, the title made it an easy choice. Why the eff would I want to watch a TV series about some idiot woman who stayed with her politician husband after he had cheated on her? Who wants to be reminded that I am an idiot woman who stayed with my idiot cheating boyfriend hey (and the only reason we are not together now, is not because I finally got my act together and left, but because he fell in love with someone else *eyes roll*)?

But omgosh. What I did not know is that it is actually a legal drama. And omgosh, it is REALLY GOOD! It’s not crazy addictive like Suits and The Newsroom were, but still! It’s reaaaaally good! So yes. I am, once more, addicted to TV, when I really should be doing my own work crap *shakes head*



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