Jason Manford

Apparently, this guy is quite well-known. Comedian, presenter, author… I never knew. Anyway. I’d read about the Gary Barlow family tragedy (stillborn daughter) when it was reported in the entertainment news, yet when I watched the closing ceremony at the London Olympics and saw Take That perform (one of my favourite songs – Rule The World – which matched fireworks going off and everything), I didn’t remember. I was too caught up in the moment. Caught up in the song. Caught up in the fact that I’m in my mid-thirties and I still love Take That.

But others, like Jason Manford, remembered. And these people sent their support to him, if only via cyberspace, on a facebook status. Because they understand that, in the life of a performer, even when personal tragedy happens, the show must go on. Because there are tens of thousands of people eagerly anticipating their arrival. Because there are three other bandmates who have shared twenty years with him, and who, despite saying We understand if you want to pull out, have been waiting for this moment eagerly, excitedly. Because the rundown took months of perfecting by the organisers, and there really is no other song with lyrics quite as perfect as this one for fireworks to go off to. Because he is the consummate professional.

But of course, there are those who don’t understand. And so Jason Manford wrote the this blog post. Which I thought was so insightful (yes, I know, because I work for a performer), and so very well-written.

God bless Gary Barlow and his family.


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