Total Recall

(Erm… I apologise for any spoilers… yeah.)

Okay. It wasn’t great. But I had fun. The sets were amazing – The Colony was gorgeousness (and very Bladerunneresque, but still gorgeous). (The fact that Australia was called “The Colony” made me giggle as I was sitting with a couple of boys who grew up Down Under. Heh.) – the first time Colin Farrell stepped onto his balcony and the camera pulled back to reveal the exterior, I was like WHOAAAA…

That said, the flare in the shots at the beginning was really annoying. And the story was bleagh. And it wasn’t intense or anything at all enough.

But! The action was fun, especially any action involving Kate Beckinsale. Her husband really makes her look SO DAMN HOT. Yup.

(Okay, so were there any spoilers in that?? I never know if I’ve revealed too much haha.)


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