The Dark Knight Rises.

I have no words = the only thing I could think at half past midnight when it was over.

So there was laughter, and there were tears. There was awe, and there was sadness, and there was joy. And then it was over. My friends left as I sat through the credits – it’s a habit, sitting through the credits, looking through the lists of people, seeing familiar names pop up here and there. I miss making movies.

And then I was mulling it over as I made my way down through the mall, passed the box office, and bumped into other friends who were going into the post-midnight viewing. And I thought to myself, I really need to see this film again.

So I did. I watched it twice, on IMAX, in one night. I think I could watch it again some time soon.

Chris Nolan + Christian Bale = dream team. Yeah.


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