Mrs B.

Mrs B is an amazing vocalist and one of the best home chefs I’ve ever met. For some reason – mainly due to my sis, I think – she loves feeding me, and often invites me to dinners that she hosts, which usually I can’t go to because of work. BUT! Miracles do happen and tonight, she fed eight of us (including her hubby and herself) and omgosh I don’t think I’ll need to eat for a week. Over five solid hours of amazing, scrumptious food. I kid you not. And she’d already taken one of the courses out (thank God). It was so good I forgot to take pictures. Hahahaha. Lentil & leek soup. An amazing salad that was so simple but super fresh and perfectly dressed. A spicy penne. Salmon on creamy cheesy fennel. Amazing chicken drumsticks with a sauce that had apricots and shallots (among other things), with roasted potatoes (to die for) and mashed peas (deceptively simple, looks like wasabi but omgosh, I could eat a bucket of it). And then there was pie (and ice cream) (and tea!). And then there were cupcakes. And we didn’t even get to the macarons. Hahahaha.

Two words: SO BLESSED.

Really worried I’m going to be late for work tomorrow though. Oops. It’s not my fault dinner went on past 2am… hahahaha oops.


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