Eight years ago (omgosh it’s been eight years) I met a girl called Charlie on the set of UltraViolet. We became great friends because we’re both a bit mental, but then she was based in Shanghai and I was in Hong Kong and so we kinda lost touch over the years. There was the sporadic msn conversation, which stopped when I stopped using msn, and then there were the sporadic facebook messages, which were terribly infrequent mainly due to the fact that there is no facebook in China… Anyway. She texted a few days ago, saying she was going to be in HK for about 30 hours, and would I like to come out for a drink…

So tonight we met up, after eight years, and it was like we’d just seen each other last week. Hahaha. Too fun. So much fun that I think I’ve lost my voice… hahaha.

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