Tony Read

I’ve been going to my church for 11 years. I remember the small church family, where everybody knew everybody else; and the Pastors’ & Elders’ cell phone numbers were printed on the weekly bulletins; and the single Sunday service, the two youth fellowships and the church office were at four separate locations. I remember all of that vividly. I also remember the rapid expansion and the move to Central. The larger number of staff in the office, the need for a system to be put into place as we became a proper organisation, services overflowing into the lobby area… And now, we’ve moved again, to Wanchai, and the expansion continues. Praise God.

All through the change, as Elders came and went (and came back!), and Youth Pastors came and went (okay, only one went, but that was pretty darn significant), the two Senior Pastors were the constant.

And today, I heard Pastor Tony’s last sermon as Senior Pastor.

I don’t really think I have words to express what I actually feel. Sad mostly, though happy for him (it’s time, I know that, it really is) but it’s so strange, it just feels odd. Like something is missing.

Time to let go… God bless the Reads.


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