Watched Hanjin Tan in concert tonight. It was work – went with Boss – but it was fun because Hanjin is extremely talented and it was interesting to see how he would go with his music. He had a small band – band leader on keys (who also sang chorus and played the flute), guitar, bass (who also played guitar), drums, percussion (who also sang chorus), a sax player who also played keys, did the programs and played the flute, and a violinist who came on stage only once or twice. He also had a jazz trio play with him – pianist, bassist (electric and double bass), and same percussionist. Hanjin himself would switch between guitars for different songs and do little dances and hop around the stage, seemingly enjoying himself very much.

The crowd, however, weren’t as great as I’d hoped or expected. But what can one do. This is Hong Kong, where people prefer the spectacle (which can be paid for) over the talent (which cannot).

And randomly, I was given a seat (I was told there would be no seats for me) for which I was very thankful, and I was placed in the reporters’ area (everyone there had notebooks and cameras out). And funnily enough, the guy sitting next to me was actually a friend… hahaha. Small world!!

Ahhh music. Going back on tour this coming week… Looking forward to more good shows with Boss. Even though if Boss didn’t have shows, I’d be headed down to the Java Jazz Festival… Bah.


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