I thought my native tongue was English

In random news, several friends are in town from NYC and we all met up for dinner and drinks and laughs at a beautiful apartment in Pokfulam. All them creative types… makes me feel so small and incompetent haha.

It was strange to speak English all night, so as I was going home I called me sis, who didn’t pick up. She later texted to ask me whatup so I told her, I needed to speak some Canto… and that this was the reason why I can’t date a gweilo. (Randomly, in light of this whole JLin “Chink in the Armor” furor, is gweilo a derogative term? Am I not supposed to use it…?) (But I digress…) My sis laughed at me, and let me call her so I could speak some Chinese for two minutes (she was already in bed and in no mood to entertain me at all haha).

And you know what? Most of what I said to her was actually in English. To the point where she was like, “Errr… aren’t you calling me because you want to speak CHINESE??”



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