Bad news

In 2007, my very bad back finally got so bad that I went to see a physiotherapist who was (is!) amazing, and who told me that if I didn’t do pilates, there would be no point in her trying to fix me because I didn’t have the muscles that would hold what she’s trying to fix in place, and therefore it was just a vicious cycle. She also mentioned that doing pilates is probably a lot cheaper than going to see her. Which is true. And which I love her for, because she was out to fix me, and not out to get my money, which in a city like Hong Kong, one comes to expect that. Sadly.

In any case, I started doing pilates with the most amazingest instructor ever. I could only afford going to mat classes, but this instructor, Lisa, she was (is!) just the most solid instructor ever. To the point where I miss her every time I do pilates with another instructor. I’ve only done pilates with two other instructors. I think the best thing she instilled in me, is that it doesn’t matter how high your leg lifts, or how fast you can do your twists… it’s about using the right muscles for that move. And anything else is just not good enough. As in, if you’re not using the right muscles, there’s really no point in doing that move. Ahhhh I love her. Anyhoo.

So today in class, I discovered that my beloved Lisa is leaving. And while my heart is broken (not to mention I’m incredibly worried about my back), I know it’s the best road ahead for her, and I am happy that she’s leaving this city and going to one of my favourite places in the world – Spain!!!!

I wonder what my boss would say if I took Monday night off every week until she leaves. Sadly though, I’ll be in China next week so I’m gonna miss next week’s class. Bah.

It’s such a strange feeling… to be so happy for someone, and at the same time, to be sad too…


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