Deaf and blind

Had an interesting conversation today with a very creative friend, who was lamenting the fact that he didn’t play any musical instruments. So I told him about my learning the guitar and how it’s difficult for me because I’m musically challenged – my pitch is not great and I have problems keeping time too. He laughed at that.

Later on, we were talking about my work in film and his work as a photographer, and I told him that I’d never realised that (good-slash-great) photographers (and DPs) see things differently to us common people. As in, I was filming in Causeway Bay, and the things that the DP saw completely amazed me. I didn’t see the extraordinary in the ordinary until that day. Now I know to look for it, but it was seriously eye-opening for me to see that first time… And I summed up this random bit of info with “I’m quite visually challenged too…”

To which my friend laughed and said, “Deaf and blind, huh…”

Still later on, I gave this friend a semi-massage. Basically I just took his arm and squeezed it up and down. But I managed to get him where the aches were… And he said to me, “How do you do that?!!” He thinks I could train as a masseuse…

So… I may be deaf and blind… But I have good touch. Maybe I need to rethink my life path….


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