The heater is off!

Thank God. It was getting a little too chilly for a little too long. My little heater fan does not make much difference in a big empty flat with zero insulation haha.

I need to commit to either staying here or not. My lease is up later on this year (October, actually) and I’m worried my landlord will want to increase my rent. My place is big and very convenient, but it’s also quite rundown and I’m not sure I want to pay any more than I am already paying to stay here *sigh* So. There’s a part of me that wants to tidy up the house and make it more comfortable and homey, but there’s the part of me that thinks I should not spend any money on any of that, and my lease is up later this year anyway. Dilemmas.

For me to be even thinking about this, means I am currently very bored. Ten more days until I travel again. Can’t bloody wait!


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